Golden Murano Glass Pendant from Italy


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It is genius that the world famous Murano Glass Creators have “a dream” …

And lucky for us, the jewelry lovers, they made the dream a reality.

Now you and I can enjoy the fruits their ideas bore!

A jewelry line was born – out of Murano Glass Creation.

Now we are so proud to be the DELIVERY channel to showcase to you this unique Murano Glass Jewelry line through our site.

You can find a good selection of this Murano Glass Jewelry line in our Murano Pendant Section.


May we now present you a stunning gold, red and green colored Murano Glass Pendant here!

This glass pendant is made round and shape and concaved in structure. What a beauty!

Made in Italy.

We specifically requested our Murano Glass Jewelry Maker to ADD for our line a good size sterling silver bail to the pendant.

The “good size” bail means this Murano pendant can be put on numerous kinds of necklace :

In our case, our pictures showcase this pendant on (1) a silver wire necklace (2) Italian 10-strand necklace in blue and black.

You will totally notice different “fees” and look on different “pairing”!

That is the UNIQUENESS of our jewelry line!

10-strand cord necklaces are also one of our “creation”!  Our jewelry maker specially created and made this 10-strand cord necklace for us per our idea!

(You can find them in our Sterling Silver Necklace Section and make separate purchase.)


Glass Pendant measures 1.6″ across (excluding bail)

Sterling Silver Bail : 7mm wide.

(note : different necklaces used to demonstrate with the heart pendant is available for separate purchase. You can find them in our Sterling Silver Necklace Section.)

(note: design/pattern on each glass pendant may vary as they are individually hand-made)