Sterling Silver and Murano Glass Heart Chain Necklace


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It is genius that the world famous Murano Glass Creators have “a dream” …

And lucky for us, the jewelry lovers, they made the dream a reality.

Now you and I can enjoy the fruits their ideas bore!

A jewelry line was born – out of Murano Glass Creation.

Now we are so proud to be the DELIVERY channel to showcase to you this unique Murano Glass Jewelry line through our site.

You can find a good selection of this Murano Glass Jewelry line in our Murano Pendant Section.


This is a out-of-this-world presentation.

Look at the vibrant combination!

Teal green Murano Glass Heart on a shiny Italian Sterling Silver chain necklace!

How Marvelous! How Unique! How Amazing!

Necklace is 16″.

Teal Heart : 0.75″ across

Made in Italy.