Sterling Silver and Onyx “Y” Necklace


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This is an elegant necklace.

We designed it.

– hand wired all dangling genuine stone beads and briolette

Surprise, surprise!!

We called it a Sterling Silver and Onyx “Y” necklace as you can see from the picture that the draping/dangling chain part makes this necklace looks like a “Y”.

But, there is a “BUT” !

The closure is actual at the “bottom” of the dangling “Y” – a fish clasp hooking onto a sterling silver ring.

That makes this necklace a 17.5″ size.

But you can choose to hook the clasp at any place on the necklace as this necklace is made of a link chain. Any link is a good candidate for the clasp to hook onto.

And as a result, if you are to hook onto the very last link, the necklace “changes” from a “Y” style to a round necklace with a dangling black onyx briolette.

That will make the necklace 18.5″ long.

Too cool !!!