About Eminence Jewelry

We have been doing this business for over 10 years. We know we are not “old”, but we are definitely not “young” either.
As we are not “old”, we are fearless, enthusiastic and energetic.
As we are not “young”, we know the industry and we know what you want.

Check out our designs, you will see a whole new world of jewelry.
Check out our prices, you will see we are really not kidding. We mean business – yours and ours!

Our goal –

to present our buyers a unique experience from the moment our buyers start browsing our site – noticing our outstanding customer care, our superb service, our exceptional quality, our unbelievably attractive low price and most importantly, our over the top designs.

Our motto –

Good Prices and Good Designs R us.

Our covered “turf” –

Sterling silver jewelry
Fashion Jewelry

Our aim –

Diligently working with our factories and our design team, we promise you good designs and good prices, nothing less, because you deserve it.